THE AMERICAN DOLLAR- Awake in the City

American Dollar_Awake in the City

Quality is the word that always, always comes to mind when listening to The American Dollar. Their sound is so fresh and so clean, their style classy, and their records refined. Album number five, ‘Awake in the City’, is no different. This is another lesson in instrumental bliss, ethereal electronic vibes, and ambient soundscapes. However, for every note put in exactly the right spot, some of these songs feel like they’ve been polished clean, programmed to the nth degree, had their heart replaced with notes on a hard drive. Le sigh, that sounds like a massive criticism but ‘Awake…’ still works wonders. ‘Heavy Eyes Ignite’ is a crystalline delight, ‘First Day’ contains one of the record’s few real crescendos and is all the better for it, and ‘Urbana’ is one hot mix away from being the best hit single ever. And there are brilliant finer details too, like the tape swell midway through ‘Faces In The Haze’ and the priceless bass tones of ‘Friends of Friends’. But still, little of this will make you sit up and take notice. In the nicest possible way ‘Awake…’ is the best background noise, a beautiful breeze of a record instead of a storm that shakes you.

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