DEFTONES- ‘Diamond Eyes’

 Deftones Diamond Eyes
They say every cloud has a silver lining. And while the darkest of clouds rolled in for Deftones in 2008 when bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a car accident that keeps him in a coma today, the band’s sixth album, ‘Diamond Eyes’, is brilliantly, blindingly special. That might sound trite but it’s no joke- this thing glitters, sparkles, shines, surges and soars from start to finish.

The opening title track and second single does something amazing and somehow encapsulates Deftones’ wild and varied sound in three vital minutes. It’s anthemic, melodic, hook-filled, and uplifting, but dark and dangerous too. And while the whole band sounds tight, Chino Moreno’s vocals (both angelic and awesomely angry of course) will put goosebumps on your goosebumps. ‘CMND/CTRL’ finds Frank Delgado’s effects coming to the fore even through some thick trademark riffs and some of the bitterest barking Chino has recorded, ‘Prince’ is set to sate those still hankering after ‘White Pony’ without once going over old ground, and if the main riff of ‘Rocket Skates’ doesn’t make you bang your head then you’re probably dead. In fact, there are no missteps here, every song here works perfectly and they all fit and flow into one genuinely incredible album.

Still, Deftones don’t sound better than before- the band’s back catalogue is so brilliant that people argue over what is their best album daily- but this is definitely a happier, healthier, hungrier band than produced their last two records. In fact, it’s a joy to hear this band at full force again- a band that never fit into pigeonholes or neat boxes, a band that never had a scene to stumble over, a band out on their own, long live Deftones.

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