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Something happened to the members of Ravens & Chimes. You can tell from the sounds of melancholy and lyrics of longing and loss in the New York outfit’s music. But then something else happened to them, because despite the consistent quality across both of their albums, they haven’t been heard from in years. Fans of Brand New, Sufjan Stevens, and […]

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To celebrate the release of Marilyn Manson’s new album, ‘Heaven Upside Down’ (spoiler alert, it’s good), Moderate Rock has curated a Spotify playlist of his weirdest and most wonderful songs. It’s not a greatest hits- there are no Sweet Dreams here- and it’s heavy on ‘Holy Wood…’ (His best album. Fight me.) but there’s no denying it’s some of Mr. […]

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Listen to NILE ON WAX

This, from prolific violin virtuoso¬†Catherine Graindorge, is intriguing. The first release under their¬†Nile on Wax moniker (Graindorge and her two bandmates used to be NOX) is occasionally too jazzy for its own good but otherwise strikes a creepy, compelling tone. It’s not at all surprising to find out that they’ve also completed some movie soundtrack work.

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Great news. It appears mysterious Swedish post-everything outfit Suffocate For Fuck Sake have returned. It’s been over eight years since the band released their exceptional lone album (If you don’t know, you do now), long enough for many to consider them defunct, but earlier today the band took control over their Facebook, released a new song and announced a record […]

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HEVY FEST is dead

Hevy Fest is no more. In a statement released yesterday the organisers cancelled this year’s festival and cast doubt on any future events under the same name. There’s plenty of time for a more detailed postmortem but the combination of a crowded festival market and a lack of true identity had set Hevy on rocky ground for a few years […]

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SUPERSONIC to take a year off

There will be no Supersonic Festival in 2016. The experimental music weekender that has hosted acts as varied as Q And Not U, Venetian Snares, Melt Banana and Merzbow for over a decade now will take a break this year, although with every intention of returning in 2017. Lisa Meyer, one of the directors of Capsule, the company that stages […]

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