Photo by Ciara McMullan

This year sure felt like it had a little more terribleness in it than the usual. Real life is a hell of a thing. The music though, the music didn’t let anybody down. As the increasingly fast passing of days denotes, it’s time for Moderate Rock’s albums of 2015. 11 because Spinal Tap:

11. No Devotion ‘Permanence’
10. The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’
9. Hop Along ‘Painted Shut’
8. Deafheaven ‘New Bermuda’
7. Foals ‘What Went Down’
6. Bjork ‘Vulnicura’
5. Marilyn Manson ‘The Pale Emperor’
4. Disasterpeace ‘It Follows’
3. Vessels ‘Dilate’
2. Worriedaboutsatan ‘Even Temper’
1. …And So I Watch You From Afar ‘Heirs’

So The Weeknd huh? One of the ALBUMS OF THE YEAR huh? Well, yeah, actually.
Shout out also to Death From Above 1979 for making the album I most wanted to list here that actually came out last year, and Birds in Row & Quadrupède for releasing tip-top albums that actually turned out to be EPs. No, I know there’s hardly any difference but it’s the principal of the thing.



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